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Meet a Wallflower

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Meet a Wallflower


Yasmin, Senior Advisor and Analyst, mum to Arai, partner to Jordan

Yasmin studied in both Fiji and New Zealand, giving her a fresh perspective on what it means to be young and Pacific in New Zealand. She’d like to travel to Hawaii and learn to knit in honour of her late grandmother. Yasmin loves baking, hates coriander and is currently on the hunt for the perfect mug. Her Wallflower pictures have pride of place, framed on top of her bookshelf. Say hi to Yasmin.

Maria, counselling student, mum to Ephraim and Zippy

Maria is studying for her counselling degree and is passionate about providing access to low-cost counselling. She wants to travel to the Philippines with her family to reconnect with her heritage. She drinks a long black and hates being asked “where are you from originally?”. She considers her Wallflower session one of the best family photo sessions she’s ever had. Say hi to Maria on Instagram or over at Little Shadow.

Tash, creative director and mum to Elliott

Tash is the founder of Holland Road Yarn located at the beachy and beautiful Lyall Bay. She also hosts knit nights over all-you-can-eat pizza and beer. She goes on runs to manage anxiety and op-shops instead of buying new. She loves winter, knitting, and pairing to-do lists with a quiet coffee. She loves how fancy her new Linkedin profile photo looks. Say hi to Tash on Instagram and check out her fancy LinkedIn profile.

Chido, designer and Shopify Support Team Lead

Chido is working on her Spring/Summer collection for Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection is called ‘Wish You Were Here’ and is inspired by her childhood vacations to Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Chido drinks tea, never coffee. She thinks the Wallflower gals sure know how to make a girl feel special. Say hi to Chido on Instagram and swoon over her last collection here.